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key features

Our unique features make managing your safety data sheets easy and affordable!  Custom tagging, automated updates, mobile app access, unlimited users and more! 

Unlimited SDS Access

View your SDS with a simple click, whether using SDS Smart Desktop, Online, or Mobile Apps.

Automated SDS Updates

Your SDSs are automatically updated with the newest version before they expire and as we become aware of suppliers' changes.

24/7 Online Inventory Access

Access and manage your SDS on our webpage from any device, anytime.

DIY Solutions

Want to manage your own account?  Choose our DIY package and do it yourself!

Custom Tagging and Sorting

Easily create multiple hard copy SDS binders or organize your SDSs with our robust tagging system, which allows you to group SDSs by any criteria you desire.

Toll Free Support

Free tech and customer support via email or phone is available to all customers, in addition to online support documents and FAQs.

Automated Email Notifications

Keep up-to-date on your SDS inventory with email notifications as new SDSs are updated and added.

Android and Apple App Access

Employees can access your SDSs on-the-go with our mobile app. Use any Android or Apple smart phone or tablet to search and view SDSs from your inventory.

Digital SDS Binders†

Tired of managing hard copy SDS binders? Using an Android tablet, switch to our digital solution today and never have to deal with paper SDSs again!

24/7 Offline Inventory Access

Access and manage your SDS on your computer or table or mobile device with our offline backup that ensures access even in the most remote of locations.

Multiple Administrators

Flexibile custom solutions allow multiple administrators to collaborate and manage your SDS inventory from one or multiple locations.

DIY Uploading

Already have your SDSs available in .pdf format?  Just upload them to yourself and have them instantly accessible in your personal inventory.

Custom Inventory

Choose your custom Inventory of materials for quick and easy access to their up-to-date SDS, sorting, and tagging

Customized Solutions

No company or scenario is too big or small. The SDS Smart system supports scalable, customized individual solutions for whatever your needs may be.

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